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Paryavaran Jagriti Abhiyan

The Paryavaran Jagriti Abhiyan, of the Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD) in collaboration with the Delhi government and other non-governmental organisations, reaches out to schools to increase awareness about environmental degradation and encourage school children to make eco-friendly products, which are displayed at the beginning of every year at an exhibition. 

This year's exhibition was held on 12-13 February at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium.

The Delhi government, NGOs and schools have in the last decade established about 2000 Eco-Clubs in various schools/colleges of Delhi, which include government schools. These Eco-Clubs conduct environmental awareness and protection activities throughout the year. At the end of every year, Annual Eco-Meet and Environmental Exhibition is organized where representatives from all Eco-Clubs participate and showcase eco-friendly products.

This year, school children displayed many decorative items like wall hangings, cards, flower pots, carry bags, lampshades, and dolls in their stalls. The children had made these by recyling discarded CDs, old wool, plastic glasses and bottles, and old newspapers. Students also displayed models of rooftop rain water harvesting and plantation in used plastic bottles.

The SPWD's Paryavaran Jagriti Abhiyan interacted with Eco-Clubs of different schools and shared the World Soil Day Report with them. Teachers liked the report and invited the team to visit their schools to give them more material. 

After discussions with several teachers, a number of important issues were identified that if addressed can further deepen interaction with schools.

These include: